OKO Suisse

Robust and Reliable

optimized for usage with weapons

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Magnification lenses included

various filming options to help you create perfect videos

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Ultra-Light Wearable Camera

dustproof, waterproof, shockproof and freezeproof to -10°C

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5x and 12x Magnification Lenses

make close-up movies of your shooting targets

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Picatinny and shotgun adapters

mount your camera on almost any weapon

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Monitoring and performance evaluation for military and sports

OKO Suisse Cam is the first major component of the comprehensive technical solution, designed for amateurs, professional athletes, security personnel and the military staff within all shooting disciplines in the Olympic as well as in the practical field. Multi-purpose weapon mount, compatible with most modern small arms, as well as the possibility of night shooting extend the scope of the device.

OKO Suisse Cam together with OKO Suisse App (iOS) are designed for the shooting analysis in the following disciplines:

Olympic ISSF pistol and rifle disciplines 

Olympic ISSF clay pigeon shooting (skeet, trap, double trap)

Practical shooting (IPSC)

FITASC disciplines


Night mode shooting


further key features

Mount and shoot

Mount OKO Suisse Cam on the weapon using an adapter which is included in the scope of supply. If your weapon is equipped with Picatinny rail (STANAG 4694) you can mount OKO Suisse Cam directly on this rail. Use your clip adapter with integrated picatinny rail in order to mount your OKO Suisse Camera on a shotgun or on a hunting rifle.

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Transfer video via WiFi

“Panasonic Image App” is an application that makes it possible to use your smartphone to remotely control the shooting and playback functions, and to perform upload operations to your mobile, iPad or Social Networking Service sites. The following major functions are available with this application. ・You can watch the same image as on the Live View screen of your digital camera/digital video camera on your smartphone, and control shooting and other camera operations as with a wireless remote controller. ・You can play back and delete still pictures and videos recorded using your digital camera/digital video camera on your smartphone.

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Object and Target Detection and Motion Tracking Technology

OKO SUISSE is an app provided by OKO SUISSE KLEIMAN. It allows you integrating analytical tools (raster lines, haircross, and red dot) in your videos.
OKO Suisse is presenting its groundbreaking monitoring and perfomrance evaluation technology for shooting and outdoor sports. The innovative OKO Suisse Camera set combined with the OKO Suisse iOS App provides the unique artificial intelligence features to the coaches and to the athletes:
- dynamic and static target template management
- template based object / target recognition within the video stream
- relative trajectory / flying path of dynamic targets (clay pigeons, running boar, all types of hunting targets, golf balls etc)
- detection and monitoring of static targets (olympic targets, archery targets, IPSC targets)
- relative trajectory of the barrel (dynamic targets)
- absolute trajectory of the barrel (static targets)
OKO Suisse App. evaluates on the spot the technique and performance; it will help your athletes to improve results. OKO Suisse App is an effective method to improve the form, technique and performance in the shortest possible time

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Olympic ISSF skeet, trap and double-trap shooting

OKO Suisse device represents a great asset to your olympic shooting team!  See through the eyes of your shotgun and get to the highest level of shooting skills! 


Olympic ISSF pistol and rifle disciplines

Olympic pistol and rifle shooting disciplines will be supported by the ground-breaking features of the OKO Suisse device like Computer Vision based detection of any type of targets as well as monitoring and visual representation of the barrel movement  


Practical shooting

IPSC athletes, law enforcement teams and military units improving their professional skills thanks to the great monitoring and tracking features of the OKO Suisse Cam and OKO Suisse software 



OKO Suisse supports olympic coaches in creation and improvement of elite athletes performance profiles



Document your adventures, capture them on video! Share your movies with your friends!


Night vision

A night vision Infra-Red lens for use with your IR flashlight is also included for recording in 0 Lux night vision mode. Ideal for camping, night hiking, caving adventures and filming nocturnal wildlife. Requires purchase of compatible IR flashlight.


Analyse your shooting performance

capture your shooting trainings on video and assess the level of your skills using the brilliant combination of our OKO Suisse camera equipment and  software

Compare and track the flight path of the clay with the trajectory of your barrel

Shooting skills monitoring tool

Olympic ISSF athletes, IPSC community, law enforcement and military units will benefit by utilizing our brand new software features providing gun motion monitoring for all indoor and outdoor activities

This feature is available in our iOS OKO Suisse App. v5.1 

Document your wildlife safaris

Capture your wildlife safaris on video or document and analyze your hunting adventures

Flexible target and object detection and monitoring

Ultra-Light Wearable HD Action Cam

Ultra-light, versatile and tough 1080p Full HD wearable action video camcorder. Rugged 1.6 oz. body, dustproof, waterproof, shockproof and freezeproof to -10°C. Wi-Fi and USB sharing dual-angle recording with Wireless Twin Camera Includes multi weapon mount plus night vision IR lens



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